RBAC LLC is a company that specializes in Role Based Access Control solutions and services for various industries. RBAC LLC offers consulting, implementation, and training services to help clients secure their data and systems. RBAC LLC has a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of access management.

Role Based Access Aontrol (RBAC) is a method of restricting access to resources based on the roles of individual users within an organization. RBAC lets employees have access rights only to the information they need to do their jobs and prevents them from accessing information that doesn’t pertain to them. RBAC is one of the main components of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework for information security. NIST defines four levels of RBAC: flat RBAC, hierarchical RBAC, constrained RBAC and symmetric RBAC. Each level adds more complexity and flexibility to the access control model. RBAC can help organizations improve security, reduce administrative costs and ensure compliance with regulations.

The NIST model for RBAC was adopted as American National Standard 359-2004 by the American National Standards Institute, International Committee for Information Technology Standards (ANSI/INCITS) on February 11, 2004. It was revised as INCITS 359-2012 in 2012. See the RBAC standard section for more information.